Top 9 Essential Utensils Every Airbnb Needs


Top 9 Essential Utensils Every Airbnb Needs

Airbnbs are quickly becoming the go-to option for travelers looking for a comfortable and convenient place to stay. However, to ensure that your guests feel right at home, providing them with all the necessary kitchen utensils they might need during their stay is critical. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 essential utensils that every Airbnb should have on hand.

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Spatulas are great for flipping pancakes, stirring sauces, and folding egg whites into batters. A good quality spatula is durable, easy to use and clean, and can be used multiple times without having to be replaced.

When it comes to buying a spatula, Amazon has a great selection of products at great prices. Here are some of the best spatulas you can buy on Amazon:

Silicone Spatulas for Nonstick Cookware


Tongs are great for picking up food items like steaks or vegetables that you want to avoid touching directly with your hands. They come in different sizes and materials, so you can choose the ones that best suit your needs.

Here are some of the best tongs you can buy on Amazon:

some people due to its dense construction


Ladles are perfect for serving soups or stews as well as transferring liquid from one container to another without spilling. It also allows you to portion out servings easily without making a mess.

No matter what type of ladle you need, Amazon has it all! Check out their selection:

Wooden spoons

Wooden spoons are ideal for stirring foods on the stovetop because they won’t scratch nonstick surfaces or conduct heat as metal spoons do. They also last longer than plastic or metal spoons because they don’t wear down quickly.

No matter which wooden spoon you choose, it will be sure to last longer than plastic or metal spoons while still providing you with a safe way to stir food on the stovetop without scratching nonstick surfaces.

Measuring cups

Measuring cups allow you to measure ingredients accurately when cooking or to bake to get consistent results every time you make a recipe. They come in different sizes, so you can choose the ones that best fit your needs depending on how much of an ingredient you need to measure each time.

Here are a few measuring cups to check out:


A whisk is essential for whipping cream and eggs or combining dry ingredients like flour and sugar before baking. Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, having the right whisk can make all the difference in your cooking.

When buying whisks, Amazon has a great selection of products at great prices. From stainless steel whisks to silicone models, there’s something for everyone. Here are some of the best whisks you can buy on Amazon:

These are great for beating egg whites and other light mixtures. They’re also durable and easy to clean.

These are perfect for mixing heavier batters and doughs without scratching your cookware. They’re also heat-resistant and non-stick.

hese are ideal for creating airy mixtures like whipped cream or meringue. They have long wires that create more volume when whisking.

Stir fry spatula

This spatula type is explicitly designed for stir-frying food on the stovetop since its wide surface area allows you to quickly move large amounts of food around while keeping everything contained within the pan or wok.

Here are a few options to choose from on Amazon:


A colander is essential if you want to drain cooked pasta or other types of grains after boiling them in water before serving them up hot and fresh straight from the pot.

Head over to Amazon now and get the perfect colander for your kitchen:

Vegetable peeler

Vegetable peelers come in manual and electric varieties, making peeling fruits and veggies a breeze! Plus, they save time compared to knives, which can be dangerous if not correctly used.

Shop for vegetable peelers on Amazon:

Can opener

Can openers are essential if you plan on stocking your Airbnb with canned goods like soups and beans; this way, your guests won’t have any trouble opening them up when it’s time for dinner.

Shop for can openers on Amazon:

Outfitting your Airbnb with all these basic kitchen utensils will ensure your guests feel right at home during their stay with all the conveniences they would expect from any kitchen space. With this comprehensive list, there’s no excuse not to have all these items readily available, so your guests can prepare meals while away from home.


Why is it important to provide essential utensils in my Airbnb kitchen?

Providing essential utensils in your Airbnb kitchen ensures that your guests feel at home and have the necessary tools to prepare their meals comfortably. It enhances their overall experience and convenience during their stay.

What are some must-have utensils for an Airbnb kitchen?

The top 9 essential utensils every Airbnb should have on hand include spatulas, tongs, ladles, wooden spoons, measuring cups, whisk, stir fry spatula, colander, and vegetable peeler. These utensils cover a wide range of cooking and serving needs.

Where can I find quality spatulas, tongs, and ladles for my Airbnb kitchen?

Amazon offers a great selection of spatulas, tongs, and ladles at competitive prices. You can explore their range of products and choose the ones that suit your needs and budget.

Why are wooden spoons recommended for an Airbnb kitchen?

Wooden spoons are ideal for stirring foods on the stovetop as they don’t scratch nonstick surfaces and do not conduct heat like metal spoons. They are durable and provide a safe option for stirring without damaging cookware.

How can measuring cups and a whisk benefit my Airbnb kitchen?

Measuring cups allow precise ingredient measurements, ensuring consistent results in cooking and baking. Whisks are essential for whisking cream, combining dry ingredients, and creating airy mixtures. They contribute to better cooking outcomes and professional-grade preparations.

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